2020’s Best-Paying Jobs (and How to Get Them)

2020-09-03  |  Created by  CareerTu



The data’s in—some of the best-paying jobs of 2020 are tech jobs.


US-based IT professions are experiencing their highest annual average salary ever recorded at $113,639, according to Global Knowledge’s 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report. Tech jobs appeared 20 times out of 50 on Glassdoor’s list of best jobs for 2020, which takes into account median annual base salary, overall job satisfaction, and number of job openings.


We’re going to offer a selection of 2020’s best-paying tech jobs and resources you can use to start your digital job search. Not all of these jobs are the highest-paying jobs overall, but they’re uniquely well-suited to the digital job searcher with little or no prior experience looking to make do with online resources.


Data Scientist 

Looking for junior data scientist jobs near you? Smart move, because Glassdoor reports that the median annual base salary for a data analyst is $107,801. In fact, there have been 6,542 job openings for data scientist positions this year alone, including openings at HP, Twitter, and Grammarly.


Data scientists compile the data, clean the data to remove inaccuracies, and subject the data to models and algorithms for analyses, usually dividing it into common trends and patterns. At the end of the process, they use data visualization tools to present a report to high-level decision-makers within a company so they can make informed decisions.


Because data scientists rely on statistical analysis and coding languages like Python, R, and SQL, digital job searchers looking for certificate jobs online will have a range of resources to draw upon. There are dozens of online courses offering certification in and libraries for learning Python and R alone.


If you need any more reason to start looking for junior data scientist jobs near you, consider this: Glassdoor reports that data scientists have one of the highest job satisfaction scores of any of the professions surveyed. Glassdoor’s annual report ranked data scientist as the top tech career choice in America for the years 2016, 2017, and 2019.


Data Analyst

For a closely-related yet less-intensive career compared to that of the data scientist, you can’t beat the position of data analyst. According to Glassdoor, data analysts’ median annual base salary is $62,973. There were 6,848 job openings for data analysts this year, including openings at Disney.


Data analysts work in the rapidly-growing field of data analytics and alongside data scientists, make data make sense to the higher-ups in a company. Data scientists collect and analyze data sets. They determine the data’s accuracy and the best ways to use the data. They develop frameworks for data, analytics, and strategy. They also develop data-analysis tools and provide user training while tracking and monitoring internal and external data.


Data analysts are usually skilled at analyzing large data sets and filtering relevant ones. They tend to have extensive experience using data modeling and reporting software and can write reports which are both actionable and understandable.


Looking for more certificate jobs online besides data scientists? You’re in luck, because data analysts also make use of programming languages like Python, SQL, and R.


Python Developer

Python developers are as relevant as ever in a tech industry saturated with the popular programming language. Glassdoor estimates that competent Python developers can expect an average base salary of $85,571.


With its wealth of free online libraries and easy-to-master syntax, Python has experienced a massive increase in interest in the past few years from job searchers and employers alike. Major tech companies like Google, Youtube, Facebook, IBM, NASA, Dropbox, Yahoo, Mozilla, Quora, Instagram, Uber, and Reddit hire Python developers or employees with Python-related skills to take care of a range of projects.


Python developers create and test code for software, apps, and systems, and sometimes work on cloud and web development, machine learning, and data mining projects. They’re also frequently charged with updating and evaluating programs.


This means that in addition to being in-demand and fairly flexible in terms of the kind of projects they can handle, Python developers also have a diverse range of projects they can specialize in. 


For example, one Python developer could focus exclusively on freelance software tester jobs. Another could divide his time between part time software testing jobs from home and paid mentoring jobs, where he could instruct people eager to learn Python or individual students through online classes. A third Python developer, versed in a Python framework like Django, could decide to take up web development jobs exclusively.


Web Designer UI/UX

With an average salary of $64,030, web designer might not be one the highest-paying jobs out there, but it sure is one of the best-paying jobs you can get in tech without having to write a line of code! This year there were 3,498 UX web designer openings, including openings at Salesforce, Survey Monkey, and T-Mobile.


Although web designers, like web developers, use websites and web applications, they primarily work with the user interface—the forward-facing arrangement of sliders, buttons, and boxes users interact with. Web designers use and combine product specifications, research data, and user psychology to create website concepts, conduct usability tests, and evaluate the success of the design with respect to usability and findability issues.


Web developers work closely with web developers to design mockups, wireframes, and prototypes for the applications. As a web developer, all you need are good graphic design and organizational skills to get an interface to work properly. Consider web design if you’re a creative person with a specifically visual orientation.


First Steps to Getting Your Digital Dream Job

If you’re impressed with what you’ve read above, you may be thinking about a certificate job online or junior data scientist jobs near you. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves—the road to becoming a ready-for-hire candidate at a good tech company is a long one that requires preparation and the right resources to get you started.


Without a doubt, CareerTu is one of the most comprehensive new resources on the web. CareerTu is an online business school devoted to training the next generation of tech specialists by offering courses in the most in-demand skills for the industry. CareerTu already offers courses in data analytics, UX/UI, business intelligence, and digital marketing, any of which can serve as a bedrock and foundation for the above-mentioned jobs.


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If you’re already a tech professional, consider this one last tip: you can upskill and increase the size of your paycheck by finding certificate jobs online. According to an IDC survey, IT professionals with certifications were promoted more often than those without them. Find a certification course or program online to top off your mastery of a skill and qualify for top-tier positions.


If you follow this advice, nothing can stop you from leveling up your tech experience and seizing some of the best-paying jobs in America!