Become a Business Analyst with CareerTu’s Capstone Project

2020-10-15  |  Created by  CareerTu




Career-switchers considering a jump into the field of business analytics might not have to worry about the lockdown affecting their job prospects, but they may be concerned about finding a good introduction to business analytics and some real, hands-on experience in the profession. 


Luckily, there’s no shortage of digital internships offering just this sort of rigorous business analytics training.


CareerTu’s Capstone Project is one of the best. It features intensive, months-long digital internships specifically designed to put your miles ahead of the competition.


Below, we’ll describe what our Capstone Project entails and how it’ll transform you into a ready-for-hire candidate for a business analyst position at some of the world’s best and brightest companies!


Internships vs. Courses

Online courses—like those offered by CareerTu—are a great foundation for career-switchers into the business analytics field, but they’re no substitute for real-world experience. 


Online courses tend to serve as an introduction to business analytics because they’re designed to introduce essential concepts and tasks, and how to solve those tasks. At the end of the day, online courses and their instructors can only ever present their students with scenarios they might encounter while working in a hypothetical business analyst capacity at a hypothetical company.


A good business analytics internship will be fashioned so that it always puts basic knowledge into concrete practice. CareerTu’s Capstone Project is designed to be a literal capstone on your previous business analytics training. 


In this 6-month-long program, you’ll have the opportunity to work for a real business solving real business challenges as they arise in real-time. You’ll be learning what it means to be an employed business analyst, working alongside a team of industry experts to build campaigns from start to finish.


This kind of close collaboration and real stakes is totally absent from online introductions to business analytics, and a reason why you should always pair them with high-quality internships like those offered by the Capstone Project.


What You’ll Be Practicing

All Capstone Project admittees for business analytics will go through an internship consisting of five “sections.” Sections 1, 2, and 3 will involve in-depth participation in CareerTu collaboration projects with brands and business logic knowledge building, respectively.


A big part of your business analytics training will come from work in the business intelligence field more broadly. 


You should understand how business analytics fits into the wider field of business intelligence. Business analytics is actually a data management solution and subset of business intelligence. 


Business intelligence concerns itself with finding the right strategies and tools to identify and collect raw data, track key performance indicators, and produce reports for past or current events, also known as historical events. In contrast, business analytics deals primarily with actionable data and the predictive modeling that can be practiced from it.


Therefore business analytics focuses on how a business collects data, organizes it into patterns, and creates models that are helpful for understanding historical events.


Ultimately, business analytics professionals also try to predict future events, like consumer action and market trends, and prescribe actions the business can take to incentivize consumers to move toward a certain result. 


As a business analyst intern in the Capstone Project, you’ll be able to dip your feet into both business intelligence and business analytics. 


You’ll practice the former whenever you collect and produce reports about user data and channels performance. On the other hand, you’ll be breaking out your business analyst skills once you analyze this user data and channels performance and use it to provide the company with actionable insights, the ultimate goal being an increase in marketing ROI.


Simply put, our Capstone project is an ideal way to get business analytics training through repeated and prolonged practice.


What Tools You’ll Be Using

Another advantage internships have over courses is their ability to familiarize you with the tools of the trade. 


In fact, Section 3 of your Capstone Project internship for business analytics will involve teaching you the must-have technical and soft skills for growth.


As far as tools go, business analytic professionals rely on software and other tools—from spreadsheets and data mining to predictive modeling applications—to hold and organize massive amounts of data. 


In terms of soft skills, business analysts have to be able to effectively communicate, solve problems, and think critically at all times. They often work closely with professionals in a variety of other fields, from high-level stakeholders to low-level employees, so these skills are a must.


CareerTu’s Capstone Project internship will expose you to at least some of these tools, and give you a chance to hone the aforementioned soft skills, depending on the brand and internship.


Broadening Your Career Choices

Another problem with online courses is that they’re unlikely to provide you with enough information to help you put a fine point on your developing job search in the business analytics field. A general introduction to business analytics, including all of its subdivisions and careers, won’t convey what it’s like to actually practice within those different subdivisions and careers. 


Working in a Capstone Project internship for business analytics, you’ll learn a great deal about one possible career path within the field. 


First, let’s consider the types of job positions that use business analytics.


Business intelligence analytics professionals, for instance, will use business analytics to help upper management collect, understand, and act on their data, while management analysts and management consultants work with all of a company’s departments to improve efficiency company-wide.


Data analysts and data scientists primarily concern themselves with collecting, organizing, and analyzing data for business usually using models and producing reports. (Business intelligence analysts do the same, but with a focus on helping the business gain an advantage in a certain market.) 


On the marketing side, program and marketing managers will use business analytics skills to help companies come up with and roll out marketing strategies, campaigns, and reporting. Market research analytics professionals collect the marketing data to identify potential customers, price points, and a product’s selling point to increase profit.


Now, consider the fact that the Capstone Project offers internships not only in business analytics (including its business intelligence and data science aspects), but also digital marketing and product design.


With such a wide selection of internships, you won’t be limited to choosing one role to exercise your business analytics knowledge. Depending on your inclinations and previous business analytics training, you could practice in one of the above roles, gain hands-on experience, and use that experience to determine which direction you want to take your career in.


Only the Best Partners and Placements

Even the best internships can be marred by the provider’s lack of job placement assistance and business connections. Believe it or not, there’s more to an internship than just the work experience you’ll have gained by the end of it. 


Sections 4 and 5 of a Capstone Project internship include the issuance of an official internship certificate and industry expert guidance and direction. This means that you’ll leave the Capstone Project with proof of completion—itself valuable in business analyst applications—and additional help with job placement provided by CareerTu.


It’s also important to note that a major upsell for any certificate program in business analytics is the quality of the mentors and the partners participating in the program. The more devoted the mentors and the better the partners, the more likely it is that you’ll end up placing at a coveted company after the internship is over.


The Capstone Project’s mentors come from the top 2% of companies, so you know you’ll be getting taught by real business analyst experts for the duration of your enrollment. 


Moreover, the Capstone Project has partnered—and continues to partner—with industry-leading companies from across the world, many of which offer business analyst positions. Past Capstone Project partners include Google, Amazon, BMW, L'Oréal, and LVMH. Current partners include Trave, Parisa Wang, and Petite Studio.


The Capstone Project’s results speak for themselves. Our alumni have been hired by some of the abovementioned partners, as well as Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, TikTok, Expedia, Visa, Deloitte, and Pinterest.


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