A Collaboration unlike any other --- Edtech and Fashion, collides. (Fashion X Edtech)

2020-04-01  |  Created by  CareerTu


Diving into 2020, we’re all searching for a year of innovation and opportunities. Continuing with this mindset, there will be a collaboration that is unlike any other --an EdTech company with a cutting-edge fashion company. We’re ecstatic to announce that CareerTu and Parisa Wang will be launching an exclusive collaboration in Spring 2020!



Parisa Wang’s handbags have been mentioned numerous times in fashion magazines such as Vogue, WWD, and Jiaren. Influencers have partnered with PW to circulate her message of versatility and elegance. The brand is adored by childhood sweetheart Hillary Duff, actress Constance Wu, and supermodel Bella Hadid. 


Parisa WangParisa Wang


Chinese fashion bloggers IrisDaily and RainTian recommended the co-branded bag and shared it on their social media, comprised of a million + followers. 


Parisa Wang


Our team selected four of the most popular styles from Parisa Wang’s collection and asked our users to vote for their favorite design. During our research, we discovered that students who’ve been getting job offers quicker had previous internship experience. From that crucial information, we decided to develop a capstone project to meet the needs of our students. 


Through the capstone project, students will work cross-functionally through designing, launching, and marketing.The mentors are from the top 2% of companies to ensure the quality and success of the product. Not only will students have the opportunity to learn about the industry, but students will gain valuable internship experience. 


CareerTu is an online education platform focused on digital marketing, data analytics, and UXUI design. Our mission is to train students in-demand skills that will transform them into the ideal hire for tech jobs. We offer courses led by expert instructors, 1on1 mentoring, and guidance.


CEO founder, Ruiwan gave up her career at Amazon to create a business that helps international students find jobs and start their careers. In the past 6 years, CareerTu has helped 6000+ international students in the U.S to find their career path and sent talents to Google, Uber, Amazon, and JD.


Empowering women, Parisa turned her heartbreak into making luxurious handbags that capture feelings of love. “The real message is encouraging women to be courageous,independent, and go for the things that matter to them,” she says. “While heartbreak is a part of life, the important thing is what grows out of it.” Although the origin stories of both companies may seem different, both brands focus on accessibility and enhancement on one’s quality of life.  


Parisa Wang


Our collaboration objective is to help all students unlock their potential. Ruiwan and Parisa were students who switched their career paths to do what truly matters to them. Despite the hardships and challenges they faced, they continued to pursue their passion. They hope that everyone will strive to live out their potential and achieve success not just in career goals, but life.



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