What to Expect from CareerTu’s 7-Day Python Challenge

2020-09-30  |  Created by  CareerTu


For some, learning to code is intimidating. They think learning a programming language is like learning a spoken language—but harder.

A programming language might have its own alphabet, grammar, and syntax, but it isn’t a spoken language you can practice with friends and strangers alike...or is it?

That’s where CareerTu’s 7-Day Python Challenge comes in.

Our Python challenge will require you to complete 7 Python related challenges. After each challenge, you’ll have the chance to win prizes each step along the way. You can invite your friends, compete against them, and get your university ranked at the top of our leaderboards.

Recognizing the hesitancy many new and would-be-coders have towards learning a programming language, we decided to develop this innovative challenge to serve as your fun, socially-oriented coding bootcamp for Python.

Python is already the hottest skill for Business Analytics. In fact, the use of Python for Big Data has increased dramatically in the last few years, and this easy-to-learn programming language is already much-in-demand in today’s growing tech job market. This trend will only continue in the coming years.

Our goal is to get students and professionals like you motivated to jump into the digital workforce, whether they’re students who’ve never looked at a line of code or experienced professionals looking to make a career change into tech.

Here’s how it works.

The Perks of Registration

Registering puts you ahead of all the rest. You’ll get exclusive access to our job database, free on-demand courses, career quiz, and Python Job List, all of which are designed to compliment your mastery of the Python essentials and put it to good use.

Filling out the career quiz will help you discover your optimal search direction, expected salary, and recommended position. CareerTu’s on-demand courses will teach you how to keep your job search going during the shutdown and digital marketing skills. Our Python Job List features help-wanted listings from the biggest and best tech companies.

If you do all this, you’ll have enough information to begin your tech job search in earnest—today’s job market is as much a competition as our Python Challenge!

The Challenges

After you’ve registered, complete the 7 Python-related challenges (levels).

These challenges are designed to reflect some aspect of your mastery over Python. At the end of it, you should have demonstrated a knowledge of the Python essentials. They are as follows:

Level 1: Find the Top 15 Most Popular Movies in 2020
Level 2: Find the Best-selling Toothpaste Products on Amazon
Level 3: Hunt for glasses frames similar to a given sample
Level 4: Gather the top skills for business intelligence jobs listed by web scraping
Level 5: Identify Spiderman on t-shirts with image recognition
Level 6: Create a leaderboard of the most-followed TikTok content creators
Level 7: Create your artistic masterpiece using image style transfer

Each level comes with a detailed description of how to complete and submit the challenge, instructions and base code (if you need them), and a few helpful hints.

Make no mistake—the Python Challenge isn’t hard. We designed it for anyone with an interest in learning the Python essentials.

The challenges themselves mostly revolve around web scraping. As far as programming languages go, Python isn’t difficult to learn. There’s plenty of online boot camps for Python online. For instance, CareerTu offers online courses in Python.

If you don’t want to splurge on online courses, there are several Python libraries on the web that can help you with scraping data offline.

The Prizes

Upon completing each level, you’ll have the opportunity to win prizes.

The prizes will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis, and they’ll only be awarded to competitors who post a screenshot or photo of their badge of completion to Instagram with the #careertu and #pythonchallenge hashtags.

The prizes will range from free online classes to top-secret promo codes that you can use to purchase items from the quality brands we collaborate with, like Parisa Wang.

Because we want you to strive to go beyond the basics of a Python boot camp and prepare to place at a top-tier tech company, some of the free classes include Python courses.

You won’t want to miss out: our very own course alumni have placed at cream-of-the-crop tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and TikTok.

The Battle of the Schools

Didn’t win a prize after completing the challenge? Never fear, there’s a whole other level to the competition.

If you are or ever have been a college student, you won’t just be competing against individual competitors—you’ll be competing against entire universities.

The prize: an alumni donation to the university with the highest score, which will be the sum of the scores of all its students and alumni who participated in the challenge.

The Takeaway

Think of the challenge as a kind of coding bootcamp for Python: you’ll be incentivized to learn the Python essentials so you can snag as many prizes as possible and give back to your university.

The more levels you complete, and the faster you complete them, the greater your chances of winning multiple prizes. Who knows, you might even end up learning Python in one day to make up for lost time!

And the more friends you invite, the closer you’ll get to turn your own personal python bootcamp into a shared experience. This is also a fantastic way to boost your school’s chances of winning a donation and make your Python journey a genuinely social experience.

We’re making coding a load of fun to learn by turning it into a competition between friends and universities across America, at a time when Americans need digital jobs and the digital job market needs skilled coders.

Sign up today and get ready to hone your Python skills, show some school spirit, and work on growing your flourishing tech career.

Let’s learn Python together so you can become a part of the next generation of coding experts!


We have the prizes. You have what it takes.

We’ll see you on the leaderboard.

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