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COVID-19 is rewriting the rule book. Businesses that never would have considered allowing their staff to work remotely are learning quickly that it’s not as bad as they imagined. In fact, it can be a good situation, opening the doors to new hiring possibilities.

All of these remote workers need technology, which means the tech industry’s role in our economy will only grow in the coming years. But how can you take advantage of that growth if you have no coding skills?

The truth is that there are more non-coders than coders in tech careers. Here are five well-paying jobs that can land you a tech job with coding experience.


Digital Marketing

Every company on earth can benefit from digital marketing, and the tech industry is no exception. Even small tech startups need marketing services. And as the industry expands and competition increases, marketers will be in high demand.

Talented professionals that understand how to leverage content marketing, email campaigns, pay-per-click, social, analytics, and the rest of the digital toolkit can find a lucrative tech position.


Marketing Analyst

Because tech is heavily product-focused, companies are frequently in need of marketing analysts. These individuals gather information on the markets where their employers do business and analyze the data looking for trends and other insights.

They’re tasked with answering questions such as, “Is the current offer suitable for audience X?” and “What’s an appropriate price for Product Y?”. They offer informed opinions on current market conditions and make suggestions for effective strategies.


Data Analyst

Data analysts are number crunchers. They pore through business intelligence looking for new money-saving optimizations and explanations for company successes and failures. They connect the dots that promise exciting opportunities.

Data analysts thrive on large data sets, and nowhere are those more commonly found than with tech companies. It’s a position that demands mathematical and statistical aptitudes but requires no coding skills.


Product Design/UI/UX

Software has two component parts, the code that does the work, and the buttons, sliders, and text boxes that let people interact with the program. This user interface has to be designed, and that’s the job of UI/UX designers. No coding skills are necessary. Instead, you need good organizational and graphic design skills.

The exteriors for physical tech products, like servers, routers, appliances also need to be designed, and this responsibility falls to product designers. These are both great paying tech jobs that require creativity, but no code.


Product Management

This isn’t a position you fall into. Product managers are in charge of the overall strategy for the products their companies release. Quite a bit of experience is required to do the job effectively, and the paychecks reflect this. But it’s certainly a position worth working toward if you want an important, well-paying job that puts you right in the center of the action but doesn’t require any coding experience.

That said, product managers for software products can certainly benefit from understanding what the engineers are doing, but they don’t need to do the coding themselves.


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