Looking for a six-figure income in the data science, business, and analytics fields? Learn Python.

For almost a decade, Python has stayed one of the most popular programming languages next to Java, Javascript and the C variants because of its easy syntax readability and flexible applications.


Being one of the top skill requirements for many analytical jobs in today’s workforce. CareerTu launched the 7-Day Python Challenge to nurture young individuals on their skill-building journey to success. 


The Python Challenge features 7 levels of brand-sponsored real-life applications for participants to practice their coding skills. As participants, or what we like to call ‘Challengers’, make their way through the different levels, they unlock access to different level prizes and perks chosen specifically by the


CareerTu team to help cheer them on their Python Challenge progress. The CareerTu 7-Day Python Challenge brand sponsors and prizes include:

  • $50 Gift card to ZAFUL, the one-stop online shop for today’s trendiest and edgiest fashion apparel.


  • Tube of organic toothpaste from all-natural, eco-friendly oral care brand, Grin Natural.

  • oPillow Back Massager or oCuddle™ Neck and Back Massager by health and wellness brand, NAIPO Care.

  • Pair of customized socks from My Face Socks, an online print-on-demand apparel company.

  • $1,000 CareerTu Capstone Collaborations Gift Box featuring CareerTu’s Capstone brand partners, Parisa Wang & TRAVE Denim

Ready to become a CareerTu Challenger?

Sign up for the CareerTu 7-Day Python Challenge and join students from Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Brown and other universities across the country in building their career skills and win prizes along the way. 

Don’t forget to join our official Facebook group, a hub for sharing & discussing the Python-learning journey and everything else Python-related. Join the “Learn Python with CareerTu’ group today and stay updated on our big holiday giveaway sponsored by our brand partners!

Have no idea where to start with your Python learning? Don’t worry, our team put together a beginners cheatsheet to help you get a jump start on each level of the CareerTu 7-Day Python Challenge. We will share our‘ Python 101’ cheatsheet soon in the Facebook group to get started!

CareerTu has made it its mission to empower the upcoming generations in this fast-moving digital age.

With our 7-Day Python Challenge and offering skill-based online courses along with sponsored Capstone projects, we aim to prepare individuals with the needed digital skills to attain the highly sought after positions from major corporations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, Deloitte, and LVMH to name a few! We’re with you along the way as you