Top Companies Hiring Business Analytics Jobs

There’s never been a better time to be a business analyst. 


Business analysts are filling companies’ ever-growing need to collect, analyze, and predict from larger and larger amounts of data. The rise of big data has increased demand for employees who spend significant amounts of time with data. 


Even better? Aspiring business analysts shouldn’t worry about making the career-switch in the era of COVID.


Regardless of the economic effects of the lockdowns on some areas of the economy, it hasn’t changed the fact that the tech industry is one of the largest and fast-growing industries in the world. 


Tech jobs are, for the most part, digital jobs, and digital jobs have proven themselves largely pandemic-proof these past few months. As more and more businesses have moved online, telecommuting has simply become the norm rather than the exception. 


Nothing’s stopping you from catapulting yourself into the digital job market except a solid introduction to business analytics and a list of business analyst jobs to aim for.


We’ve taken the liberty of assembling a short list of the top companies hiring for business analyst positions in 2020. Take a look below, get adequate business analytics training, and get excited about a profitable new digital career!



As far as business analyst positions go, Google has fewer openings and higher salaries than other major tech companies. At present, Google has approximately 82 business analytics-related job openings with an estimated salary of $112,000 per year.


Job openings at Google tend to be business systems analyst positions. Business systems analysts tend to focus on the technical requirements of a specific system (like application software) and quality control. In contrast, business analysts tend to deal with the broader organizational aspects of a company without limiting themselves to individual systems. Google’s listings include those for Business Analyst (Global Sales Tools), Business Systems Analyst (Supply Chain Systems), Business Systems Analyst (Cloud Marketing and Content Management Systems), Business Systems Analyst Manager (Supply Chain Systems), Business Systems Analyst (Financial Reporting), Business Systems Analyst (Cloud Systems Plan to Pay), and Business System Analyst (Finance).


You’ll find many of these jobs concentrated almost exclusively in the following cities: Mountain View, Redwood City, and Sunnyvale in California; Austin, Texas; New York City, New York; and Ann Arbor Michigan. Other locations include: Chicago, Illinois; San Francisco, California; and Seattle, Washington.




Amazon, owing to its size and scope, offers a potentially large number of jobs for professionals with business analytics training. According to Indeed, Amazon currently has 900 business analytics-related jobs waiting to be filled, with an estimated salary of $94,177 per year.


You’ll find that many of these job listings are for business analysts and senior business analysts more generally. Listings include those for Forecasting Business Analyst, Business Analyst (Order Experience), Business Analyst (Risk Mining), Payments Business Analyst, Operations Business Analyst, Start-ups Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Analyst (Prime Video Direct), Business Analyst (Cloud Economics and Cloud Intelligence), Senior Business Analyst (Kindle), Business Analyst (Recruiting Engine), Business Analyst (Amazon Air), Business Analyst (Gateway Operations), Partner Programs Business Analyst, Business Analyst (Automated Brand Protection), Business Analyst (Compliance, Risk), Senior Business Analyst (Fire Tablet), and Senior Business Analyst (Worldwide Operations). 


The vast majority of these positions are based out of Seattle, Washington. Herdon, Virginia and Bellevue, Washington are close seconds. Additional cities include: San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco in California; New York City, New York; Dallas, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Washington, D.C.; and Arlington, Virginia. A fair amount of these jobs are listed as remote, without a specified location




Citi is another large company with plenty of jobs relevant to business analytics. According to Indeed, Citi has 687 business analytics-related job openings at the moment. The estimated salary for these positions is roughly $70,371 per year.


Some of these openings are for business analysts and senior business analysts. Here are some of the more specific listings: Loan Business Analyst, Senior Business Analyst SQL, Business Analyst/Project Manager (Client Analytics), SAS Developer and Business Analyst (Security/Fraud Operations), and IT Business Analyst.


Many of these job listings are located in Tampa and Jacksonville in Florida, Houston and Irving in Texas, and New Castle in Delaware. Other frequently-listed locations include: New York City, New York; Miami, Florida; Getzville, New York; Wilmington, Delaware; Tampa, Florida; Jersey City, New Jersey; and San Francisco, California.




Although business analyst jobs make up a small percentage of the job openings at Deloitte, they still offer a hefty amount of openings to the digital job seeker. Look up Deloitte on Indeed, and you’ll find that they have 770 business analytics-related job openings at present, with an estimated salary at $91,200 per year.


The kind of jobs open at Deloitte cluster around the following titles: Business Analyst (Health Technology), Business Analyst with Secret Clearance, Business Analyst/Tester with Top Secret Clearance, and Business Analyst (Risk and Financial Advisory). 


These job openings are located in a variety of cities across the nation, although the most commonly-listed are Lake Mary in Florida, Arlington and Rosslyn in Virginia, Denver in Colorado, and Mechanicsburg in Pennsylvania. Other cities include: Washington, D.C.; Boston, Massachusetts; New York City, New York; Phoenix, Arizona; Los Angeles, California; Sacramento, California; Baltimore, Maryland; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Miami, Florida; Tampa, Florida; Houston, Texas; and Nashville, Tennessee.


Where to Start?


Still worried about making a career-switch into business analytics? You’re not alone. 


Even if the job market for business analytics-related professions hasn’t been adversely affected by COVID, finding and conducting business analytics training entirely online can still seem intimidating to many professionals.


But if you’re stuck at home like millions of other Americans, the easiest way to adapt is to go digital—not only in terms of your job search, but also in terms of your career training.


What you need is an online business school that offers online courses and internships specifically designed to transform you into the ideal candidate for business analyst positions at the world’s leading tech companies.


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