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Join Our 7-Level Python Challenge and Win Prizes!

Level 1

Find the Top 15 Most Popular Movies in 2020

Level 2

Find the Best-selling Toothpaste Products on Amazon

Level 3

Hunt for glasses frames similar to a given sample

Level 4

Gather the top skills for business intelligence jobs listed by web scraping public LinkedIn profiles

Level 5

Identify Spiderman on t-shirts with image recognition

Level 6

Create a leaderboard of the most-followed TikTok content creators worldwide

Level 7

Create your artistic masterpiece using image style transfer

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I used the same resume to apply for many jobs and received very few replies. When I had a one-on-one session with my mentor, he taught me how to curate different resumes based on the specific job descriptions. As a result, I have multiple targeted resumes for companies, and the response rate has improved drastically.

Student from the University of Rochester, Data Analyst

My mentor helped me analyze the job description of the interview position in detail and customized a set of mock interview questions for me. My mentor had experience as a Hiring Manager, so the simulated interview was very close to an actual interview. Because of CareerTu’s help, I was able to receive an Amazon Offer! Thank you.

Student from the University of Boston, Digital Marketing Specialist

There are many directions in the Digital Marketing career path, as I decided to make the switch to Digital Media. CareerTu accurately matched a mentor in the industry to help me find multiple connections I now have within Digital Media. That has allowed me to integrate into my new professional background and progress in my career path.

Student from the University of Boston, Senior Digital Analyst

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