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CareerTu Website User Terms


Please read this user agreement carefully before using the CareerTu website. If you disagree with any of the terms of the user agreement, you may choose not to use this website. Logging in and using CareerTu serves as an acceptance of the user agreement and user terms.


  1. Purpose of the agreement:

The following terms and conditions govern all use of the CareerTu website platform, including any use or viewing of the content, services and products available at or through the platform by visitors and participants registered and unregistered. This agreement is between CareerTu and the user. Both parties shall abide by the terms of this agreement and perform related obligations.


  1. The rights and obligations of users:
  2. After completing the CareerTu registration process, you will become a legal user of CareerTu and gain access to services provided by CareerTu. At the same time, the user must ensure that he/she has the appropriate capacity for civil conduct, and fully agree to the terms of use.
  3. The user agrees that the resume or information published on CareerTu complies with relevant national laws and regulations, and guarantees its authenticity, completeness, and accuracy, without infringing the rights of any third party on the platform.
  4. The user agrees to use CareerTu only for the user's own recruitment or job search purposes and is restricted from releasing other platform materials except for recruitment information and the user’s resume.
  5. Any information (including but not limited to recruitment, job application information, resume information, etc.) posted and viewed on CareerTu can only be used for recruitment or job search by the user, and not for other business or non-business purposes.
  6. The user shall bear full responsibility for the use and security of the account and password after successful registration on this website. The user shall not lend the account to others, and the user shall be responsible for all activities performed under the user’s account.
  7. The user shall be responsible for all acts of using CareerTu. If any losses are caused to other third parties or CareerTu due to the user's behavior or actions, the user shall be liable for compensation to “CareerTu.”
  8. In the case that the user has committed an illegal act or violation of the user terms on CareerTu, which leads to third-party complaints (including, but not limited to third parties alleging CareerTu infringement by sending letters, etc., filed a lawsuit, arbitrated, or brought CareerTu to relevant supervisor Agency review or inquiry), CareerTu has the right to temporarily suspend the use of the user. After receiving the notice, the user shall come forward to negotiate, respond to or accept review or inquiry with the relevant authorities in his or her own name, bear all costs, and compensate losses to CareerTu.


  1. Rights and Obligations of CareerTu:
  2. CareerTu shall provide users with high-quality services and user supervision on the platform. 
  3. If the information posted by the user on CareerTu violates the legal provisions, this agreement or CareerTu considers the information to be inappropriate for publication, CareerTu has the right to modify and delete it.
  4. The user agrees that in the event this website cannot be accessed normally due to network reasons, network adjustments made by CareerTu, and normal system maintenance and upgrades. CareerTu does not assume any responsibility.
  5. The CareerTu website (including, but not limited to all tools, applications, functions, etc. on the website) serves as a platform for CareerTu to provide users with information. Users agree that the use of the platform’s content is voluntary. Authorization of this user agreement must not harm the rights and interests of any third party. CareerTu does not assume any responsibility for the use of the website platform.
  6. CareerTu may provide links to other Internet sites or resources. For the availability of the aforementioned website or resources, CareerTu does not guarantee or bear any responsibility for loss or damage caused by using or relying on the above websites or resources.


  1. Disclosure of information:
  2. The user agrees that the recruitment company or individual has the right to inquire and use the resume and related information submitted by the user to this website. For any legal disputes arising out of this, CareerTu does not bear any legal responsibility.
  3. The user understands and agrees that any information posted on this website, including but not limited to personal resumes, personal data, job information, contact information, etc., may be browsed by visitors to this website or copied by other third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes. CareerTu will not be held liable for any disputes arising from the use of the information by any third party.


  1. Intellectual Property:

All content, design, icons, diagrams, text, their combinations, products, technologies, procedures and other intellectual property rights on this website belong to CareerTu.

  1. The user agrees to refrain from posting content that infringes or violates another party’s intellectual property, including any party’s right of privacy.
  2. The user agrees to refrain from posting content that promotes illegal or unauthorized copying of another person’s copyrighted work.
  3. The user agrees to refrain from posting content that is threatening, harassing or that promotes bigotry, hatred or racism of any kind against an individual or group.
  4. The user agrees to refrain from posting content that contains software viruses or any other programs, files or computer codes that has the potential to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of the website.


  1. Liability for breach of contract:

If the user’s action serve as a breach of contract, CareerTu has the right to take actions such as halting service, deleting the information, canceling the membership, canceling this agreement, and requesting the user to compensate for all losses. At the same time, the service fee (if any) already collected by CareerTu will not be refunded. Breach of contract includes the following actions: 

  1. The user's behavior violates the law.
  2. The user's behavior violates the promise and agreement of this agreement.
  3. The user's behavior violates the rights of any third party.
  4. The user's behavior is not conducive to CareerTu.


  1. Changes to the agreement:

CareerTu reserves the right to amend and update these Terms of Service at any time. Once relevant revisions or updates occur, CareerTu will promptly publish the revised and updated content on this page. If users consider the changes unacceptable, they should stop using the related services of this website. If you continue to use CareerTu related services, use indicates that the user accepts the changed terms and is bound by them.


  1. Force Majeure:

If this agreement cannot be performed due to force majeure, the two parties shall not be held liable.


  1. Application of Law:

The conclusion, entry into force, interpretation, enforcement, jurisdiction, and settlement of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United States.


  1. Others:
  2. This agreement is effective once the user logs in and uses the CareerTu website and is valid throughout the use of the website. 
  3. CareerTu reserves the right of final interpretation of this agreement to the extent permitted by law.